Tuesday, June 26, 2012

 The Hunted Slaves', 1861 by Richard Ansdell
The Hunted Slave is the modern day version of the painting "The Hunted Slaves" by Richard Ansdell, 1861. The work will be the experience of the modern day hunted slave. The original painting must have struck terror and great sorrow in many viewers. It did this with the most immersive experience technology could provide at the time. I will do the same with present day technologies.  At the time of the original work, painting was one of the most immersive tools at the artist's disposal.

A goal of the work is to create that type of impact.
2d images no long create the shock or immersion that it used to due to viewers prolonged exposure to the rich media.

The present day rework will use bio-feed back with augmented reality to control the viewer’s experience.
The overall goal of the project is to create a ***simulation of what a modern day slave might experience. Using augmented reality and bio sensing the project will create a sense of terror and fear  in the user. It is important to note the project will only be a simulation and can never come close to recreating the actual experience of  slavery.

The Hunt Slave, 2012 mark skwarek
The viewer sees themselves reflected as a modern day slave.